Overpl.us is the website of Overplus LLC a Florida limited liability company.

It is a family owned business verifiable at Sunbiz.org.

Overplus is an alternative distribution company (Reseller) that focuses on excessive and obsolete inventories. Our asset acquisition and recovery also involves re-deployment and recycling of aging inventory and materials. This is sometimes newly defined as “reverse logistics” or in the old days “second hand”.

Overplus is interested in reverse logistics opportunities including: asset recovery, B channel marketing, buy outs, cannibalization and cores, insurance liquidation, defective and non-defective returns, disposition, gray markets, reclamation services, salvage, and secure disposal.

We work with auction houses and brokers in reverse logistics and redistribution. Overplus will directly deal with individuals and business’s who are looking to downsize. This includes Trustee’s and Estate Sale Providers.

Overplus supports Reuse-Repair-Recycle that aligns with the Free Market and a Circular Economy.